Four Brothers Entertainment
About Four Brothers


                  Four Brothers Entertainment was formed by two childhood friends, Travis Moore and  Preston Graves. A cousin of  Travis Moore owned a bar and ask Travis to think of an idea that would give people in Greensboro something to do. The first person Travis could think to call was his friend Preston. Preston was of course was on board, so in January 2015 we began promoting.

           In March 2015, Silly Saturdays was established at Rockafella's Bar and Grill by Travis Moore and Preston Graves  When March came we had a sold out show on our hands, we looked at each other and said, “We on one”.  The rest is history, we sold out every show at Rockafella's and told each other it was time to grow.  Two of our friends Antonio Marshall and John Kornegay had both expressed interest in joining forces and making a big move.  In April 2016 we had an anniversary show and it was an amazing event and we have continued to improve and do things that others aren’t so that we can remain relevant.  From this union we created a new name for our business which is Four Brothers Entertainment.Our goal is to remain a staple in Greensboro, with goals of expansion to other cities.  We intend on continuing to be creative and bringing quality entertainment to Greensboro.

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